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A Sneak Preview of the 2023 Mid-Autumn Galas on CCTV and Hunan TV Blue Moon invites all to enjoy a clean festival together

Time flies and mid-autumn is here again. In this season of Mid-Autumn Festival, a time for family reunions, Blue Moon, as the exclusive title sponsor of the “2023 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala” and “2023 MangTV Mid-Autumn Festival”, is delighted to bring all audiences splendid audiovisual experience on the festive evening, just like before. This marks 10th year that Blue Moon has partnered with CCTV and Hunan TV to celebrate the festival with Chinese people worldwide.


The 2023 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala is scheduled to air on September 29, 2023, at 20:00 on CCTV-1, CCTV-3, CCTV-4, CCTV-15, and radio channels such as Music Radio, Story Radio, Radio the Greater Bay and Cross-Strait Radio. The event will also be simulcast on new media platforms such as Yangshipin and, as well as on international social media platforms. In addition, CCTV will for the first time present the program “Mid-Autumn Festival Gala on the Mobile Screen (竖屏看秋晚)” to viewers via the CCTV4 accounts on platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, WeChat Channels, China Media Group Mobile, Sina Weibo, Toutiao, Sina News and Baijiahao. As for the 2023 Hunan TV Mid-Autumn Festival, it will be broadcast simultaneously live on Hunan TV and Mango TV at 19:30 on 29 September.


Celebration of the Festival  Two Mid-Autumn Festival Galas creates audio-visual feasts

Meeting where the Yangtze River begins to see the moon shining across the country. The 2023 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala will revolve around five cultural symbols: “Poetry, Wine, Moon, Water, and Bamboo” in three chapters – “Moon Over The Yangtze”, “The Long and Tempestuous Yangtze” and “One Yangtze One Moon”. It invites all Chinese people to admire, enjoy and pay tribute to the moon with, as backdrop, among others, the magnificent, boundless and majestic natural landscapes such as where the Three Rivers Meet, the Shunan Bamboo Sea, and the Xingwen Sea of Rocks. Moreover, CCTV will also present for the first time the “Mid-Autumn Festival Gala on the Mobile Screen”, inviting viewers to watch the show via short videos on social media platforms, such as Douyin and Kuaishou, providing viewers with fresh perspectives and novel visual experiences.


In terms of the lineup, this year's CCTV Mid-Autumn Gala has assembled talented actors, popular stars, new-generation singers, and artistic groups, including Mao Xiaotong, Phoenix Legend, Li Qin, Wang Sulong, Zhou Shen, Lang Lang, Ara Kimbo, Karen Mok, Benny Sa, Ji Kec Junyi, Good Sister Band (好妹妹乐队), Shan Yichun, Zhao Zhao, Kenny Bee, Huang Qishan, Jam Hsiao, Shane Cao, Tsai Chin, etc.




As the moonlight graces the eaves, it casts its glow on myriad homes. Chasing the ethereal radiance, we embraces the Mid-Autumn Festival's whimsical tones. The 2023 Hunan TV Mid-Autumn Festival Night themed “Following the Moonlight to See You (追着月光去见你)” will recreate the setting for “admiring the moon over the eaves”, presenting a poetic and picturesque scene with “Upon the rooftop's edge, beneath the moon's gentle gaze, Mid-Autumn Festival unfolds, its enchantment ablaze”  (屋檐之上,月下中秋)”. The Hunan TV show this year will be streaming live, presenting diverse range of artistic forms such as singing and dancing, original opera works and chorus through the screen. Through innovative presentations, the contemporary and humanistic side of the event was highlighted, as well as artistic and appealing to watch for the audience. Additionally, generative AI will be on stage writing poems and singing with guests, expressing love and cherish the unchanging bonds of family, illuminated by the moonlight.


The gala will be star-studded, join by celebrities including He Jiong, Shen Mengchen, Jin Mengjia, Li Shaminzi, Dicky Cheung, Zhang Hanyun, Tia Ray, Oaeen, Curley G, Win, Sunke, Teens In Times, Liu Yu, Summer Momoko, Sophia Huang, Hu Yuting, He Liangchen, Haiyang Bo, Wowkie Zhang and Cai Chengyu. Together, they will deliver delightful and heartwarming festive surprises to the audience during this festive occasion.




Companion for 11 years  Letting consumers enjoy upgraded clean living experience

Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival has carried the deep affection of the Chinese people for the family and their aspiration for a better life. Blue Moon, as a professional provider of household care solutions, also centers around “home”, and is committed to helping Chinese families live “Clean and Carefree”.


Every year before and after Mid-Autumn Festival, Blue Moon would host the “Blue Moon Festival”. In the advent of the festival, the 11th Blue Moon Festival will reach its climax. Organized by Blue Moon in the third and fourth quarter of each year, the brand event lets consumers gain knowledge about scientific washing skills/knowledge and experience new cleaning products.



During the Blue Moon Festival this year, on top of joining hands with CCTV and Hunan TV to present extraordinary entertainment feasts to audiences on Mid-Autumn Festival night, it will, via lauching a series of interactive experiences across various scenarios and channels, offer lots of excellent cleaning products as gifts to let consumers enjoy a brand-new clean upgraded experiences and lifestyle.


Specifically, Blue Moon and CCTV has launched new media activities like    “AI Writing Poems for the Mid-Autumn Moon” (AI在中秋,为月亮写诗) and “Make a Wish to the Moon” (我向月亮许个愿), while partnering with Hunan TV for an offline check-in activity “Who do you wish to see at Mid-Autumn Festival” (月满中秋,你想见谁), These engagements allow more people to feel in advance the romance and warmth of the Mid-Autumn Festival via novel and interesting interactions. Also, from September 25th to 29th, Blue Moon, together with CCTV and Hunan TV will host the “Interact with Blue Moon in Mid-Autumn Festival” (开运体育(中国)有限公司官网中秋互动) event, inviting conmsumers to experience Blue Moon’s innovative products, such as the Supreme biotechnology liquid laundry detergent and Pre-wash and Hand-wash Liquid Laundry Detergent, and Jingxiang Foaming Body Wash, to consumers for them to enjoy a clean Mid-Autumn Festival.


With the clear skies across the country, Mid-Autumn night is the most perfect time for reunion. On the evening of September 29th, let's gather together for the CCTV Mid-Autumn Gala and Hunan TV Mango TV Mid-Autumn Night, celebrating a clean and beautiful Mid-Autumn night with Blue Moon!

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