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Blue Moon Receives First Product Carbon Labeling Evaluation Certificate in Guangzhou

On 25 August, coinciding with the ”National Low Carbon Promotion Day”, the first product Carbon Labeling evaluation certificate was issued in Guangzhou, with  Guangzhou Blue Moon Industry Co., Ltd. (“Blue Moon”) receiving the certificate from China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. (“CTC”).  The certificate presentation ceremony was attended by leaders of the Guangzhou Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, Guangzhou Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau (Huangpu Branch), CTC and Blue Moon, during which the participating parties also discussed Carbon Labeling evaluation work, how it could contribute to promoting low-carbon development and building of a Carbon Labeling system in Guangzhou.


The Guangzhou Carbon Labeling system research and pilot demonstration project is led by the Guangzhou Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau with CTC responsible for evaluation work. Seven companies in Guangzhou meeting the criteria of “reputable producers of end-products in large export volume” were selected to take part in the pilot. Blue Moon is the only advanced daily chemical product manufacturing company among the selected, and six of its products of different specifications including “Volo” Fragrant Toilet Cleaner and Laundry Detergent for Babies received the Carbon Labeling evaluation certificate.



Carbon Labeling specifies the greenhouse gas emission in the full product life cycle from raw material exploration and transportation, production and usage of the product to the final stage of scrap disposal. The carbon information is quantified and shown based on usage and in an index form, letting consumers know carbon information by way of a label. Currently, the global climate situation is facing grave challenges and low-carbon environmental protection has become the theme quest of the world. Carbon labeling, as an effective tool to promote reduction in product-related carbon emissions, is gaining more and more attention worldwide.


As a well-known household care solutions provider in China, Blue Moon has actively responded to the country’s call for enterprises to take up green environmental protection and low-carbon emission responsibilities. It has continuously observed its ESG action principle of “better products (services), healthier environment, greater society” and incorporated green environmental protection concepts into its daily business operations, contributing to the capping carbon emission and carbon neutrality. Receiving the first Product Carbon Labelling Evaluation Certificate in Guangzhou is an affirmation of Blue Moon’s efforts.


Emphasizes product R&D and innovation  Implements environmental standards along product chain


Since its establishment, Blue Moon has included green environmental protection in its corporate operating principle and has integrated its green, low-carbon emission and technological innovation development strategy into the entire product chain, embracing environmental protection starting from the beginning (i.e. product R&D and design). Currently, Blue Moon’s main liquid laundry detergent products have Water Conservation Product Certification and 90% of its products have passed China Environmental Labelling Certification.


Reducing the use of packaging is also a main trait of product R&D at Blue Moon. By promoting use of refills, it can lower packaging use as well as help raise consumer awareness of environmental protection. Moreover, using lighter and greener packaging materials is another focus of Blue Moon. It also collaborates with suppliers on professional initiatives to optimize the usage of packaging materials and to reduce the usage of packaging materials. Regarding e-commerce related packaging, Blue Moon has taken various measures, such as optimizing product packaging designs, improving related technologies and carrying out on-site supervision, to lower consumption of packaging materials. For example, regarding packaging for transportation used by e-commerce platforms in 2020, Blue Moon came up with different protective packaging for different platforms, as such, optimized 11 types and forms of packaging, saving 700,000 meters of sealing tape, 1,900,000 bubble bags, 1,000,000 EPE foam sleeves and 750,000 protective lids.


Vigorously promotes concentrated products  Leads industry green upgrade


As for green products, Blue Moon has been vigorously promoting the concept of “concentration”. Concentrated products have a number of environmental merits, such as less storage area required, lower transportation costs, less packaging waste and less carbon emission.


Blue Moon is one of the first enterprises in the fabric care industry that pioneers R&D and promotion of concentrated products. In 2015, Blue Moon launched Machine Wash Supreme Concentrated-plus Laundry Detergent, the first liquid laundry detergent product with a measurable pump dispenser in China. In 2018, it introduced Supreme Biotechnology Liquid Laundry Detergent, an upgraded product which was included on the list of “Fifth Batch of Green Design Products” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The concentration concept also applies in the R&D of other Blue Moon products. In 2019, a concentrated kitchen cleaner – Tianlu Utensil, Fruit and Vegetable Wash was launched, and in 2020, Blue Moon introduced a concentrated fabric softener. Through continuous innovation and upgrade, Blue Moon leads the industry into a “concentrated products era” and helps protecting the environment.


On top of providing green environmental friendly products to consumers, Blue Moon has pressed on with promoting professional and scientific washing formulas. By adopting knowledge-based marketing, it has sought to influence and enhance consumers’ washing habits. For many years, Blue Moon has championed charitable initiatives such as the “Scientific Laundry Across China” campaign to get close to consumers and to convey and educate them on scientific cleaning, contributing to promotion of concentrated liquid laundry products and green development of the industry.


Brings in advanced technologies   Promotes green production in firm strides


Regarding green production, Blue Moon upholds the environmental management approach of “prevention at source, control in all stages. It insists on undertaking intensive production, using non-harmful raw materials, conducting cleaner production, turning wastes into resources and using low-carbon energy across the production process.


When it comes to the use of technologies and equipment, advanced clean production technologies have been the choice of Blue Moon. It selects and uses highly energy efficient equipment and automation technologies. To reduce energy consumption, it has continued to roll out energy saving technological reform programs and to put in efforts to optimize production management, so as to improve production efficiency and product quality, while also increase resources recycling rate and reduce emission of pollutants. To date, Guangzhou Blue Moon Industrial Co., Ltd. has been named “Guangzhou Clean Manufacturing Company” (广州市清洁生产开运体育(中国)有限公司官网) and “Guangdong and Hong Kong Cleaner Production Outstanding Participant (Manufacturing)” for four years in a row. In 2020, Blue Moon (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. earned the “National Green Factory” title.


This year marks the beginning of the all-important “carbon capping and carbon neutrality” journey. At the meeting, Mr. Liu Tao, Assistant to General Manager of CTC Accreditation and Evaluation Center (国检集团认证评价中心) pointed out that as Carbon Labelling quantifies carbon emission associated with a product throughout its life cycle, giving consumers direct access to the information, it would inevitably affect their buying decisions, hence, in the future, similar to ingredients and size labels on products, it will have a part to play in swaying consumers’ shopping behaviors.

Ms. Xu Yuling, Deputy General Manager of Blue Moon, said, Blue Moon will continue to promote sustainable development and to set a new benchmark of green development for the daily chemical product industry. She also expressed that Blue Moon will also step up technological innovation, launch more energy-saving and low-carbon products, conduct green production and strengthen carbon emission management. Ms. Xu further elaborate that Blue Moon will continue to foster a green and low-carbon value chain, devise sustainable development strategies and cooperation models with partners aiming for win-win and joint development as well as join hands with partners up-stream and down-stream to contribute to environmental protection.

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