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The Fourth Graduates Art Fair Wuhan, China Launched with Blue Moon as principal sponsor for 10 consecutive years

On 3 November, the Fourth Graduates Art Fair Wuhan, China (the “Art Fair”), backed by Blue Moon as its principal sponsor, was officially launched at the Wuhan International Conference & Exhibition Center. As a renowned youth art initiative in China, this edition of the Art Fair featured more than 2,600 outstanding artworks by the hands of 637 art students and young artists with both domestic and international backgrounds. The event is open to the public from November 3rd to November 7th.


This year marks the tenth anniversary of Blue Moon as the principal sponsor of the Art Fair. Since 2014, with a focus on nurturing of the creative potential of young people and advancing aesthetic education in society, Blue Moon has given nearly 7,300 artists gallery-level exhibition opportunities to exhibit close to 24,000 pieces of their works. This empowered the emerging generation of artists, helping them to pursue their dreams and contributing its effort to the healthy development of youth arts in the country.


Encompassing Diversity: New generation artists showcases innovative talents

The Fourth Graduates Art Fair Wuhan, China, held in a close to 15,000 sq.m. dedicated space. Reports indicate that the Art Fair has attracted participation of 4,883 art students and young artists from 355 schools and education institutions in the country and from abroad, bringing with them 30,821 artworks. Notably, individual born in the 1990s and 2000s constituted the absolute majority of participants, accounting for an impressive 85.6% of the entries. Among them, those born after 2000 account for more than a quarter for the first time, reaching 27.3%, matching fully the distinctive “Young, Contemporary and Futuristic” characteristics of the event.

As a youth art event dedicated to displaying the achievements of art education in universities, the Art Fair showcased works of almost all of the existing pure art disciplines within art colleges, from thousand-year-old ancient paintings, to integrated art and technology disciplines which are emerging and popular in recent years. Apart from traditional artworks such as Chinese paintings, oil paintings and printmaking in the general exhibition area, visitors can also experience the diverse forms of art in the six thematic zones. For example, some artists applied AI painting technology, a topic capturing attention this year, in the artistic creative process and explored the new possibilities brought by new technologies to art creation. Many art students integrated traditional techniques with emerging technologies such as multimedia, AI programming, and motion capture, continue to push the boundaries of art by merging the best of both traditional and modern elements. At the five-day exhibition, visitors would be able to see and experience art in great depth and in multi-dimension through such projects as physical theatre, interactive public art and portrait sketching, among others.

In the pursuit of Innovation, Blue Moon aligns remarkably well with the Art Fair. As a benchmark brand in cleaning industry in China, Blue Moon remains committed to innovation, constantly introduces new ideas, deeply understands consumer needs, and leads consumers in upgrading their cleaning experience. By continuously offering new and clean products, Blue Moon supports consumers' aspirations for a better life.  Simultaneously, staying true to its original intention of nurturing the growth of China’s young innovative talents, Blue Moon has been the principal sponsor of the Art Fair for 10 consecutive years, helping young artists realize their artistic aspirations.


Decade-long Partnership: Jointly Conveying the Beauty of Art

To commemorate the 10-year partnership, the Organizing Committee of the Graduates Art Fair has presented Blue Moon with a special honorary award "A decade entwined, companions on the artistic journey(十年相伴 艺路同行)" that celebrates the achievement of Blue Moon in giving its charitable support to youth art in the past 10 years.


Simultaneously, this year's Art Fair has a special section named after the special honorary award set up to retrace Blue Moon’s acts of charity (2014-2023) towards art. In the past decade, Blue Moon, via sponsoring various major component projects of the Art Fair, has directly purchased and collected more than 1,000 artworks, giving young artists great spiritual encouragement as well as direct financial support. In this special section, visitors can appreciate the works of young artists collected by Blue Moon, and also take part in such activities as  printmaking DIY postcards, check-in photo opportunities to take part in the lucky draw, allowing audiences to tangibly experience the beauty prevailing for a decade, and the beauty of art and in keeping clean.

Furthermore, from the inception of the partnership, Blue Moon and the Art Fair have jointly initiated the “Blue Action (蓝色行动)” public art project, inviting the public to participate in themed collaboration, helping art to take root in the community and infiltrate everyday life, igniting people’s longing for a better life.


At this year's event, the joint public art project "Blue Action: Presents from the Moon (蓝色行动:来自月亮的礼物)", inviting children and youngsters aged 3 to 18 across the country to create art pieces with the "Moon" as inspiration and encourage them to send out those works carrying their thoughts and blessings. A worthy point to note is that the activity has invited the young artist Zhao Tianqi to re-create popular works using AI painting, bringing art and technology together to present new visual effects.

The call for submissions to the public art project has successfully concluded, and the works assembled are currently on display. At this year's Art Fair, on top of enjoying the excellent works selected for display, visitors can also see and feel up-close the magic of AI-generated paintings.


Deeply Rooted in Public Welfare: Blue Moon Actively Fulfills Corporate Social Responsibility

Rooted in the heart, committed in action. Over the past 31 years since its establishment, Blue Moon has consistently resonated brand development with societal progress, devoting to charitable causes and taking concrete actions to give back to society.

At the opening ceremony, Li Yifei, Chairman of the Graduates Art Fair, said that since its debut in 2012, the Art Fair has always adhered to the purposes of identifying, nurturing and promoting young artists, building an art platform for them, as well as an art ecosystem for urban culture, and presenting an art gala to the public. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to Blue Moon for its outstanding contribution to the development of youth arts in China.

In addition to sponsoring the Art Fair and supporting cultural and artistic development, Blue Moon also fulfills its corporate social responsibility in fields such as promoting the concept of cleanliness and health, contributing to anti-epidemic and disaster relief work, and helping rural construction, doing its part in building a happy and beautiful society.

For example, it has supported the roll-out of such charitable projects as the "Smart Women, Healthy Family" series activities and "Healthy Angel" campaigns for years, passing on the concept of cleanliness and health. Additionally, the Blue Moon Charity Foundation set up by the Group has time and again shown its willingness to shoulder social responsibility in public health emergencies, leading special actions such as Beijing-Hebei Flood Relief and donating anti-epidemic supplies to Guangzhou. As understood, due to its persistent and effective philanthropic actions and responsible corporate image, Blue Moon has consecutively won the "China Philanthropy Festival Annual Responsible Brand Award" for eight years.


Giving equal attention to corporate development and fulfilling social responsibility is the long-term pledge of Blue Moon, and where its value lies. Xu Yuling, Deputy General Manager of Blue Moon, stated at the ceremony, looking ahead, Blue Moon will stay true to its original intent and uphold its ESG principle of "Better products (services), healthier environment, and greater society", as well as care about the development of creativity among young people in China, thereby contribute to robust social, cultural and artistic development. At the same time, the Group will continue to drive high-quality business growth with innovation, and promote a clean lifestyle to help the Chinese families realize their aspirations for a better life.

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